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October 2021


The Ultimate WordPress Theme That Makes Sense To Invest Into


If you are a web designer, a marketer or even someone like me who just loves putting up new websites, I have something to tell you.

There was a time I used to go on Themeforest and shop for templates, just for fun. Exactly, just for fun. You know, when you feel a little moody, and you go treat yourself with some sweets or new clothes? Well, for me that moment translated into shopping for new WordPress Themes.

However, the joys of shopping have been ceasing ever since themes basically became intermediate platforms. Avada, X, Oxigen, Divi to name a few. Of course, I had to buy at least a license for each one of those, what kind of a theme-aholic would I be otherwise?

I have to say, even if I like them because of their versatility, their integrations, I feel like some of them took the joy of design out of me., making it a little too dry.
The only, and let me stress a bit, the ONLY, all-inclusive theme I like to use is DIVI. Maybe because of Elegantthemes, they have been my very first theme purchase when I got started with WordPress, or maybe because it is actually a butt-kicker theme.

Divi is great because:
• has a visual builder that is actually easy to use
• it is intuitive and you don’t need to learn how to use it
• you start feeling free when you design with it

Now, the problem is that it comes with a subscription, so I do advise anyone who reads this article to take a look at their Black Friday deal on this page:


That being said if you need help with figuring out the best theme to buy or you have a different opinion about Divi, send me an email! I would love to learn about different perspectives.


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