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October 2022



Meet the brand new Asana

Productivity just changed its face

Filippo DecottoFilippo Decotto



Asana, one of the most popular project management tools just launched a redesign.

One of the things I liked least of Asana was its clunky interface and its not-easy user interface. Although Asana had many updates and offered one of the most comprehensive services, it wasn’t really a fitting my logic.

Today, I opened Asana anlong with many others tabs, just like I do everyday, and I noticed the plasent surprise. Not only it now looks like an actual 2015 SaaS platfrom, but it’s actually easier to use.

It really seems we are over Flat UIs as we know them. Every new SaaS product now features flashy colors and gradients.
I recall Apple being the trend setter in this case. Since 2013 Apple’s iOS featured light and bright colors on every platform. This happened against the flat-colored UIs popular at the time. Now, two years after, it really seems everyone is following iOS’s look.

Let’s now focus more on what the new Asana brings to the table, it really feels like a differnet platform.

Here is what I noticed:

UX – User Experience
Everything makes sense. Major tasks stays up on top. The Quick Add button is always present and helps you quickly add tasks.

Tasks are arranged better and it’s easier to understand the flow you need to follow.

Sidebars can now be hidden! This is a major improvement given the constant source of distraction. “Now I can focus on my major tasks and not get botherd”.

Asana is also a little happier. Yes, it features colors also in the actions. Everytime you end a task Asana cheers with you, celebrating the accomplishment. #yeah



Actionable Conversation
Before, conversations were locked to tasks. Now, you can chat with everyone in the team on any given topic.

Also, just to make Slack and Trello shake a little bit, you can now create tasks directly from conversations. This is a game changer, especially when Slack and Trello need an API combos to work this way.

Project Conversations create project level discussuions where you can brainstorm and share opinions. These conversations are perfedct for sharing team-wde announcements and memos.

Good-bye internal emails!

Also, Public Conversations allow you to follow or unfollow certain topics. You can even share links back to a different conversation, so you don’t have to repeat mention what it has already been discussed.


First Experience
This version of Asana is for dummies. It has a “don’t make me think” approach, so that everyone in the company can use it.

Don’t worry about advanced features, those are still available. You can access them when when you need them.

Asana is also much quicker. The software is writte on a custom framework, Luna2. This to enhance everyone experience throuout the platform.


Within the major redesign of UX and UI, Asana launches its new logo:



Check all the new features: Meet the new Asana – The Asana Blog

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